The Citadel Team

Overall Citadel is build on a great team of directors, case managers, and specialists, who help in building a relationship with clients and truly dedicate themselves to providing the best services possible through fully focusing on each individual requesting assistance. The team at Citadel is composed of individuals all play vital parts in fulfilling the needs of the clients, please view descriptions below. 


Executive Director

The Executive Director is dedicated to increasing funds for the programs that are all provided at Citadel. Our Executive Director ensures the programs and sevices are meeting the organization's mission by not just managing but leading tge staff and overall organization to use the appropiate techiniques to assist each client individually. 


Program Director

The Program Director is very active in overseeing and ensuring that the programs meet the expectation of clients, and that they are operating according to policies and procedures. The director oversees the programs and staff to develop new programs and evaluate strenghth and areas of improvement of the programs.   


Case Managers

The Case Managers at Citadel assess the needs of each client, determine what goals they need to reach and become a coach/mentor to facilitate communication, educate about service options, as well as encourage the clients to achieve their goals. The case managers will monitor any change and improvement with the clients, as well as maintain accurate records of all activities. The case managers are eager and enthusiastic to help all of the clients achieve positive outcomes by serving as a consistent, positive and appropriate role model to each individual. 


Education Specialist

This role was brought on to work specifically with the STEM Education program and will be available to ensure that participants in the program set and achieve academic goals through referrals and other support services. 

CIT Courses

This program offers self-paced interactive software courses as follows:

Beginners-Intermediate Users 

  • Office 2010 Comprehensive Introductory
  • Excel 2013
  • Work 2013
  • Access 2013
  • Powerpoint 2013

Other courses for Advanced Users are:

  • Office 2010 Comprehensive Advanced
  • Accounting Basics
  • Payroll Accounting 2nd Edition
  • Quickbooks Pro 2014-2015
  • Building a Foundation with Microsoft Office 2013

The course training provides online assessments, communication tools, training resources and a full library of video tutorials. This allows us to grade the computer literacy exams to confirm the computer knowledge possessed by the student(s). The goal is for the student to become proficient in a course which can be used for employment and/or education advancement.

*These are available at our office for only 5$*


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