Citadel Economic Development Corporation was originally incorporated in 2004 for the nonprofit purposes of assisting "at risk" individuals with the opportunity to access affordable housing, career and education services. As a result of growth and an expansion of services, we now operate under several subsidiaries and dba's. Two of our major subsidiaries are Second Chances Housing Corporation ("SCHC") and Second Chances Employment & Entrepreneurship Service Center ("SCEES").  We also operate Second Chances Financial Service Center ("SCFS").  To get more detailed information regarding each entity please click on the respective links.





Our vision is to enhance the well being and stability of individuals and families by providing housing opportunities and support services to a population who may not normally be afforded an opportunity. We will be the best at strengthening and revitalizing the economy by being a resource and providing means and methods for encouragement and assistance in the areas of finance, education, career planning, homeownership, affordable housing and neighborhood revitalization.

CIT Courses

This program offers self-paced interactive software courses as follows:

Beginners-Intermediate Users 

  • Office 2010 Comprehensive Introductory
  • Excel 2013
  • Work 2013
  • Access 2013
  • Powerpoint 2013

Other courses for Advanced Users are:

  • Office 2010 Comprehensive Advanced
  • Accounting Basics
  • Payroll Accounting 2nd Edition
  • Quickbooks Pro 2014-2015
  • Building a Foundation with Microsoft Office 2013

The course training provides online assessments, communication tools, training resources and a full library of video tutorials. This allows us to grade the computer literacy exams to confirm the computer knowledge possessed by the student(s). The goal is for the student to become proficient in a course which can be used for employment and/or education advancement.

*These are available at our office for only 5$*


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