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Self-Sufficiency Program


This program utilizes a matrix that evaluates individual's level of independence and quality of life across a variety of areas. The measure is an assisting tool to see the person as an individual, create an individual development plan with goals and work together to develop appropriate solutions to achieve self sufficiency. We offer a wide range of services and use a client-centered focus approach. 

SCIDA Program

(Second Chances Individual Development Account)


This program helps build a more secure and self-sufficient economic future by creating a savings plan towards an asset goal. Participants can build assets towards a first home purchase, new business or to enhace a prior business or for tuition or costs associated with an accredited school of learning for postecondary education. The saved assets are matched up to a total of $4000*, after a particpant has done the following; provided 6 consecutive months of dedicated montly deposits towards their savings goal, completed financial management and asset-specific education classes, and worked on improving their credit score.


*Additional down payment assistance may be provided up to 20%.  Additional terms apply.

STEM Program

(Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics)


This program provides support to participants as they receive educational training in the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) field. In collaboration with Thomas Edison State University, our participants will be able to achieve certificatations, Associate degrees,and or Bachelor degrees in different programs throughout the STEM field. Case managers, education and career specialists guide and assist participants to ensure that they are successful in achieving both their educational and career goals. Our staff also provides access to computers, study space, on-the-job-training, paid internships, and career exploration assistance.



(Second Chances Employment Empowerment Program)


This program is by referral only from the Transtional Assistance Department of the County of San Bernardino of Social Services. The program provides paid work exprience opportunities for up to six months at various work sites, and the employer partners can provide permanent employment to participants who complete the program. The program was composed to help build experience and skills to overcome barriers of unemployment​.


No Longer Active

CIT Courses

This program offers self-paced interactive software courses as follows:

Beginners-Intermediate Users 

  • Office 2010 Comprehensive Introductory
  • Excel 2013
  • Work 2013
  • Access 2013
  • Powerpoint 2013

Other courses for Advanced Users are:

  • Office 2010 Comprehensive Advanced
  • Accounting Basics
  • Payroll Accounting 2nd Edition
  • Quickbooks Pro 2014-2015
  • Building a Foundation with Microsoft Office 2013

The course training provides online assessments, communication tools, training resources and a full library of video tutorials. This allows us to grade the computer literacy exams to confirm the computer knowledge possessed by the student(s). The goal is for the student to become proficient in a course which can be used for employment and/or education advancement.

*These are available at our office for only 5$*


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