What Are Your Plans For Your Future?

Citadel has partnered with Intel to create a new program which is actively recruiting participants who are interested in the advancement of forward looking technologies, tools, and platforms.  At Citadel, we can help you attain the skills required to plan, design, and create your future. 


Get Ready to Create with Technology! Intel® Future Skills can help you accomplish the following:  

  • Build confidence and skills, help you realize greater potential than they may have realized without exposure to the skills development and experiences.
  • Create a new tech innovation – one that responds to a community, government or personal challenge.
  • Find employment in the tech industry –whether that’s an internship, entry-level or co-op.
  • Get more education – whether vocational training, junior college, or 4-year program.
  • Become an entrepreneur.


Get Ready for the Jobs of Tomorrow! 

The program is committed to helping you develop the skills and exploratory mindset needed for the jobs of tomorrow. 

Technology is ever changing, and with it, so are the career opportunities. 


Click here for program registration!




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