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The Citadel Tax Team is ready to help you through this tax season.  We are prepared to explain how The Affordable Care Act reforms and provisions affect individuals, families, and businesses as well as any other tax planning needs you may have.  

Citadel is prepared to make your tax preparation experience better than ever before.  We have implemented new strategies that will make filing your taxes easier than ever.  Through our secure site,now you can upload your documents necessary that become availabe to our tax expert. 
You can also come into our office, preferably after scheduling an appointment with one of our trusted tax solutions staff and we will be sure to be conscientious of your time in preparing your return.
As always, we guarantee our service by guaranteeing to get you the largest refund.  We offer services without any upfront fees and we have various solutions for you to get your refund without the need of a bank account.
Please be aware that due to a new law there will be a hold on those refunds claiming either the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) or Additional Child Tax Credit (ACTC) until February 15. This may affect the time that the IRS releases funds to your bank account or refund check, please be advised that Citadel has no control over this matter. 
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Documents Needed

Get Started



Our specialists will provide assistance to new or returning tax payers. To begin we will need the following: 

  • Personal Information of self, spouse and any dependants if applicable: Social Security Number(s), Birth Certificate(s).
  • Employment & Income Verification Forms: W'2 Forms, 1099-G Forms for unemployment income, 1099-MISC forms for Independent Contractor Work, 1099-R Form for payments of IRAs or Retiremnt, 1099-S Forms for Income of Property, SSA-1099 For Social Securty Benfits, Alimoy received, Business Income-profit/loss statement.
  • Miscallaneous Income: jury duty, gambling winnings, and etc. 

Additional Information

We offer consultancy across a diverse range of tax needs and help you receive fast and high quality results. In order to do that we will also need to know the following: 

  • Were you a student last year? If Yes, you need Form 1098-E for student loan interest paid, or Form 1098-T for tuitions paid.
  • Did you have health plan/insurance last year? If Yes, Form 1095-A for Health Insurance Marketplace, or Form 1095-B Health Coverage. 
  • Do you itemize deductions? If yes, deductions and credis as as follows; Child Care Cost, Form 1098-T Education Cost, Forms 1098 Mortgage Interest, Charitible Donations, Business Expenses, Rental Expenses, and amounts of other miscellaneous tax deductions. 
  • Have you paid any other taxes? State, Local, Personal Property, Vehicle License Fee? 


Finalizing & Submitting

Get legal and compliance advice for your business and personal federal and state taxes from our highly skilled team of professionals.

  • Provide an accurate or most updated mailing address. 
  • Provide an accurate or most updated banking informaiton; account and routing numbers.
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